Curth for Mayor | Drainage & Infrastructure

Dear Piney Point Village Residents:

Within my letter detailing what my priorities would be as your Mayor, I mentioned that I would separately write to you regarding drainage and infrastructure.

I have met so many of you who have lived in Piney Point for 30+ years (and even a 67-year resident of our Village). Most Piney Point residents have endured multiple hurricanes and are well-aware of the drainage fears that arise every time water levels rapidly rise.

In recent years, Piney Point has successfully navigated through storms and has avoided flooding

issues (except along Buffalo Bayou, which we do not manage). Drainage is an issue that cannot be taken for granted, because we are only one storm away from wishing that we had done more.

I pledge to always prioritize drainage, sewer, and other infrastructure projects to ensure that you never have to think about it – that should be our job. We need to prepare for the next storm and never assume that Hurricane Harvey is the worst it can get.

Since I moved to Piney Point in 2019, I have witnessed dozens of homes either entirely remodeled (including mine) or demolished and rebuilt upon a significantly larger footprint. I know that our Village’s building and permitting rules seem arduous and burdensome, but, as to everything in life, the output is only as good as the input.

By maintaining the highest standards, we ensure that you can build your dream home while also

ensuring that you (and your neighbor) can sleep soundly knowing that appropriate future drainage issues have been addressed.

In addition to resident construction, our Village is under significant construction at Memorial

Drive Elementary, Kinkaid School, and St. Francis Church/School. It is just as vital that we get these commercial projects done correctly, so we can continue growing as a city, while also enjoying our beautiful enclave without drainage fears.

I ask for your VOTE during early voting (April 22-30) and on Election Day (May 4). I hope that you will take a few minutes to review my prior campaign letters, which are conveniently located on my website,

I would love to connect, so please reach out. My cell is (713) 853-9467 and email is I post Village-related updates on Instagram, @VoteCurth.

Your Neighbor,

Jonathan Curth

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