Curth for Mayor | Priorities for Piney Point

Dear Piney Point Village Residents:

As a follow-up to my introductory letter, I want to detail areas I view as ripe for improvement within Piney Point and what I will focus on if I am fortunate enough to be elected as your Mayor.

Listed below are specific top priorities, so you know what I stand for and can judge for yourself.

1. Significantly Increase Beautification Efforts

  • “Beautification” is tossed around as a catchphrase. While planting flowers and trees are integral to maintaining our Village, we need to focus on all details of beautification.
  • For example, I will prioritize quickly repairing potholes; repainting faded crosswalks/street lines; replacing street posts and signage in disrepair; enhancing street and walkway lighting; keeping pet waste stations stocked/cleaned; maintaining overgrown foliage within city easements; and increasing holiday lighting during Christmas season.
  • Drainage, Sewer, and Street Conditions fall outside of beautification but are extremely critical infrastructure matters. As your Councilmember, I will continue to make it a top priority and will address drainage soon in a separate letter given its significance.
  • Thinking Ahead: Piney Point currently has no soft or formal guidelines regarding the placement or location of roof solar panels that would be visible from the street.
    • This was a recent topic of intense concern to residents, as neighbors were unsettled by homebuilders’ proposals to install large solar panels covering a significant portion of roofs which would have been visible from the street. Google “unsightly roof solar panels” to see examples of what residents are increasingly concerned about.

2. Increase Access to Piney Point Administration

  • I will establish a way of regularly communicating with you, such as a “Mayor’s Update” to convey relevant information. You should know what is going on within Piney Point.
  • Refresh our antiquated city website – it is difficult to navigate and does not represent the standard of excellence that I hope for our Village to achieve.
  • Create both a social media presence for Piney Point and a direct email or text message medium for residents to easily communicate with Administration. This is especially critical for some of our aging residents, as it is often difficult for them to easily access resources.
  • Bottom line – we should emulate a “Concierge Community.” We have some incredible Village administrators (including our City Administrator, Bobby Pennington) who are there to serve you, and you should feel like that is the case.

3. Establish Close Relationships with our Homeowners’ Associations (“HOAs”)

  • Our Village needs to stand out as the most pristine neighborhood in Texas.
  • Next time you drive down Memorial Dr. (between Greenbay St. and San Felipe), glance at the state of disrepair of several neighborhood entrances, including the brick wall entrance to N. Country Squire and the wooden fencing along Willowick neighborhood.
  • This is not the fault of any individual homeowner. Rather, I hear complaints that the HOA is responsible for street entrances, whereas the HOA believes that the city is responsible. I will break through the red tape and beautify similarly situated entrances. If the HOA is formally responsible but unable, then we will make the repairs and work with the HOA. I just know that residents are tired of this issue, and nothing has happened for years.

4. Ensure the Safest Community Possible – Police and Fire

  • Maintain the partnership I have developed with my friend and community partner, Police Chief Ray Schultz of Memorial Village Police Department (“MVPD”). I recently joined MVPD for a formal ‘ride-along’, and I have visited MVPD’s staff on several occasions.
    • MVPD “Enforces C’s to Deter A’s…” – meaning that MVPD heavily enforces “lower level” infractions in order to deter “more severe” violations. It is an effective strategy, and I will continue working closely with MVPD to provide them with all the tools needed to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Regarding administrative matters at the Village Fire Department (“VFD”), improvements are needed, while maintaining the excellent service provided by VFD’s emergency crew.
    • Our Village Fire Department lacks direction on a permanent Fire Chief.Interim Fire Chief Miller has done a great job, but VFD’s Board has gone over a year without appointing a permanent Fire Chief, so vital questions remain unanswered. Although very recent efforts have finally been set in motion (coincidentally near election time), this remains a critical gaping issue.
    • VFD also continues to operate without a full-time accounting or finance employee, which resulted in several material budget amendments in 2023. As a business leader who has managed significant capital budgets, a material “budget bust” (which was otherwise foreseeable) is a non-starter.

5. Enhance Residents’ Experiences Piney Point should act and feel more like a “Village community,” rather than a typical bureaucratic city.

  • I will rebuild and strengthen relationships with community organizations, including Chapelwood Church, St. Francis Church/School, Ecclesia Church, and Kinkaid School.
  • Partner with these and similar organizations to hold Village-community food, toy and other charitable drives; host outdoor family movie nights; revive the July 4th festival; and organize other volunteer activities for families to enjoy with children and grandchildren.

It is my desire to take Piney Point to new heights, while, at the same time, respecting and honoring our past. I ask for your VOTE during early voting (April 22-30) and on Election Day (May 4).

I would love to connect, so please reach out. My cell is (713) 853-9467 and email is I post Village-related updates on Instagram, @VoteCurth.

Finally, please text or email me and let me know if I may place a yard sign in your yard. I would sincerely appreciate the “sign” of support!

Your Neighbor,

Jonathan Curth

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